Lesser Known Famous People

1. Nornor Ploip – He is a mythical Ice God. He only held the title for a short time since after his first term he was voted out. During his tenure, he made great advancements in ice art. He also discovered many different ice formulations.

ice god
Nornor Ploip – Ice God

2. Dandy Blobfork – He is an innovative architect – famous for saying, “If a building was designed poorly, it was not my design.”

fish buidling
Dandy Blobfork designed Fish Building

3. Heavilton Molp – He is regarded as one of the best numerical counters of all time.

Abacas – Heavilton Molp could count faster than this

4. Rol Sol – She successfully withdrew her name from every contest she ever entered.

5. Bloobnoggin Freech – She is famous for her voiceovers in more than twenty silent short films.

6. Hingawillard Tablefoot – She was famous for swallowing empty glass bottles, then swallowing their caps. She claimed to reattach the caps inside her belly – x-rays proved she was correct.

swallow bottle
Hingawillard Tablefoot swallowing a bottle

7. Dahhp Noitybird – He was a famous poet known for such classics as, “A Walking Bird”, “Watermelons and Honeydews”, and “My Air Conditioner is Broken, Please Fix It for I am Hot”

8. Climp Dita – He initially was convicted of check fraud and writing worthless checks; however, he was later exonerated when he provided proof that most of the money in his checking account was “dark currency” (which is currency composed completely of dark matter).

dark currency

9. Joom Litoo – He discovered an efficient way to turn gold into lead. No one really appreciated his discovery, and the scientific community kicked him out.

10. Gyrot Bworb – He is the original nice guy who finished last.

11. Oolk Eerietop – She is the most unknown of all the lesser famous historical figures.

Oolk Eerietop

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