Fun Facts and Memorable Quotes #1

1.  Chimbodroom is a real word defined as the noise made when a person bites into a crunchy ice cream cone and the entire cone shatters on the first bite.

2. The indigenous people on the island of Galltrolli never shower as they fear washing themselves will remove part of their spirit.

3. The island of Blormm is entirely composed of fused gold, diamonds and emeralds. In order to protect themselves from invasion, the inhabitants invested a portion of their fortune in developing a cloaking device for the island. To this day, no one has ever successfully located Blormm.

4. Samamuru Powersaw did not invent the power saw and has never actually owned one.

5. The rare Jeemdonickki bird can outfly the hummingbird; however, when landing, it always collides headfirst, often killing the animal – this is due to its legs being joined together at the knee joint.

Jeemdonickki Bird
Jeemdonickki Bird

6. There is no such thing as the Koofroom toad.

7. Newts have the proven ability to read; however, since half their life is spent in water, they choose not to since most readable items (such as books, essays, etc.) decompose too quickly and they are unable to finish the entire reading.

8. Clapping two metal spoons together very quickly produces a sound that many people find annoying.

9. A man named Frillo Potberry escaped from Alcatraz prison; however, he returned before morning roll call because he felt bad about putting the jobs of all the workers on the island in jeopardy.

10. Urinating on your feet doesn’t actually cure athlete’s foot – it simply eradicates it from your feet.

11. Mathematical constants used in engineering and physics equations are simply a way to validate a theory that is always wrong by a constant amount.

12. “If you make the time to pet a wild raccoon, make sure you call him Frank. Petting a wild raccoon and not calling him Frank is equivalent to using live earth worms for fishing bait while being no where near a body of water.” – Leer Bindoberman

raccoon frank
Frank the Raccoon

13. Dratoel is leotard spelled in reverse.

14. The Stromberry fly of northeast Africa is a carnivorous fly – it has been known to skin an entire cow in less than six weeks.

15. If you find yourself in the path of an approaching tornado, you can force it to change course by pooping twice, then eating a fresh bowl of bread pudding – these steps need to be taken within the first three minutes of discovering the tornado and its path.

16. When you get stung by a honeybee, the best remedy is to carefully remove the stinger and treat the wound with meat tenderizer. Next you must find the hive, place a bucket underneath it, then light it on fire. Once the fire has run its course, you should have a nice full bucket of honey, which you can sell and make a profit from the venture.

17. The best remedy for shingles is to never get chicken pox in the first place.

18. Most hippopotami are left-handed – that is why most of the prefer swimming and running counterclockwise.

hippo counterclockwise
Left-handed, counterclockwise swimming Hippo

19. Pure water is an insulator, not a conductor of electricity.

20. If you donate to Stlaaligag, your life will be extended by one week for each US dollar donated.

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