The Orange Goat

Orange Goat
The Orange Goat

Welcome to the town of Red Flounder.

Welcome to Red Flounder

In the middle of the town of Redflounder there is a flower shop. Not a normal flower shop, but one whose owner used to be rude, and painfully obnoxious at times. The only reason the shop flourished was because there was no other flower shop – it was necessary, otherwise no customer in their right mind would patronize such a place.

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Stringwhistle Toothbeak

Stringwhistle Toothbeak was a legend in his hometown of Throbnoggin – and, in his case legend is not intended to mean a superhero, or great person…it simply means, he was well-known.

throbnoggin sign

Now, before I begin with Stringwhistle’s legend, let me tell you something about Throbnoggin.

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Lesser Known Famous People

1. Nornor Ploip – He is a mythical Ice God. He only held the title for a short time since after his first term he was voted out. During his tenure, he made great advancements in ice art. He also discovered many different ice formulations.

ice god
Nornor Ploip – Ice God
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Fun Facts and Memorable Quotes #1

1.  Chimbodroom is a real word defined as the noise made when a person bites into a crunchy ice cream cone and the entire cone shatters on the first bite.

2. The indigenous people on the island of Galltrolli never shower as they fear washing themselves will remove part of their spirit.

3. The island of Blormm is entirely composed of fused gold, diamonds and emeralds. In order to protect themselves from invasion, the inhabitants invested a portion of their fortune in developing a cloaking device for the island. To this day, no one has ever successfully located Blormm.

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